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About Us

You may be confused by our new name!  As of July 1, 2021 Textbook Corner has become ASU-Beebe Bookstore!

Since 2006, we have served the students of Beebe with more cost efficient options. We have been committed to excellence in all we do.  College is an expense which can become a burden to both students and their parents, we understand this and strive to keep costs low on textbooks to help that burden on families. Our belief is that by keeping the cost low on textbooks that more students will be able to better afford to continue their education.  As we grow more and more each year we do our best to contribute to the community and school in our "dream hometown".

Come see our new location!  In March 2018, we moved to our brand new store next door to Beebe Athletic Club.  It is a much larger location to better serve our customers.

We look forward to serving you!