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Still waiting on financial aid? Waiting for that next paycheck?
We know you have homework and tests, and you’ve got to have your textbooks to get everything done. With our deferred payment method, you can order your books and pick them up today and pay for them when your money comes in. You have the option of choosing a date for your Financial Aid to be approved or set up a custom payment plan!

How it works:

At check out select Deferred Payment as your payment option & enter your credit or debit card information. On a specific date, we run the credit card number you provided. This awesome option allows you time to get your financial aid money from the school, get paid from your job, get money from mom or dad, or any other reason you need to wait to pay us.  If you want to set up a payment plan, contact us and we will decide on the frequency and amount that you will pay.  If you need to pay your deferred payment with a different form of payment than the card on file, that isn't a problem at all!  Just contact us and let us know how you will be making the next payment.  If your money is not in by the time your date is here, just call us and we can push the date until you are ready.  We do ask that all Store Charges are paid off by the end of the semester.